The Avalon Project

Initiative for a Culture of Peace

The Avalon Project – Initiative for a Culture of Peace is an educational and activist NGO which aims at the construction of a global culture based on non-violence, social justice and a deep respect for the planetary Community of Life and the Earth. 

It was born in Spain, receiving the official support of Professor Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Director-General of UNESCO between 1987 and 1999. 

The Avalon Project is an Earth Charter International Affiliate.

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Volunteer training course

In the volunteer course of The Avalon Project, you can learn about the Earth Charter, Deep Ecology, Ethics of Care, Deep Activism, Education for Peace and Sustainability, and The Earth Stories Collection, a reservoir of myths, legends and folktales from all around the world capable of transform our civilisation.

Why doing this course

  • Because the world needs you

    This course can open your eyes to the need for a change in our civilisation that allows us to leave a livable world to young and future generations. From Avalon you can work for that much-needed change.

  • If you are a volunteer

    Because it will bring you in tune with the rest of the people who make up The Avalon Project and will allow you to know our basic foundations, our lines of action, our history, structure and spirit.

  • If you are prying

    Because The Avalon Project could be inspiring in your life. Maybe you could take the course, know Avalon and meet its people. You can make the decision to join Avalon at any time, even at the end of the course.


  • If I am an Avalon volunteer, is this course compulsory for me?

    No. This course is NOT mandatory for Avalon volunteering, although we highly recommend that it be done. Firstly, because it will allow you to know in detail where you get into, what our fundamental ideas are and how we work. And, secondly, because you will be able to join the group more quickly, since in the tasks that are requested in its 5 sessions you will get in contact with other volunteers, as well as with the people who lead the course of Avalon.

  • 2. I don't belong to The Avalon Project. Can I take the course anyway?

    Yes, of course. Avalon's borders were never solid, so there have always been people who came and went to regulate their distance and their involvement according to their circumstances. On the other hand, perhaps you simply want to acquire new knowledge and only in the end you may, or may not, be interested in being part of the Avalon tribe. That decision will always be in your hands.

  • 3. At the end of the course, will I receive any kind of certification?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.


Grian A. Cutanda

Senior Instructor

PhD Cum Laude in Education Sciences (Social Education), MA in Innovation and Research in Education, and MA and BA in Psychology. Author of 15 published books (fiction and essay), some of them translated into 12 languages, highlighting his international bestseller "The Gardener" (HarperCollins, 1998). Social and environmental activist, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion in Spain and prime mover of Extinction Rebellion in Mexico.

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* Pictures in banners 1 and 2 by Marta Ventura, from The Avalon Project

* Picture in banner 3: "Heatwave", by Maggie Lin Photography, licensed under CC BY-SA, in Flickr